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Rising Cloud uses artificial intelligence to predict and scale your cloud applications and infrastructure in real-time. By using real-time optimization all of the time, Rising Cloud will pass on optimal savings to you.

Cost Savings

Simply put, when a business qualifies to become a client of Rising Cloud, it can save up to an industry-leading 90% on its cloud compute costs. With cloud computing rates continually on the rise, it’s vital to determine a sustainable way for your business to drastically reduce costs with better technology.

Improved Performance

Rising Cloud is the only company in the cloud industry that doesn’t suffer from the performance loss of running virtualized containers associated with other clouds. We do this while optimizing all used servers, giving you up to a 60% boost in performance equal to bare metal speed. This is an important factor in not only allowing your business to process a greater amount of client work more quickly, but also in your cloud compute cost savings since, with Rising Cloud, you only pay for what you actually use, while still receiving the availability you expect and require.

Infinite Expansion & Instant Retraction

Our predictive scaling AI allows businesses to expand and contract with your processing needs without adding risk to your business growth. Rising Cloud lives alongside your applications, so it knows when the app is being used and when it’s not, allowing our AI to elastically scale, without user interaction, then retract to provide your business with industry-best cost savings.

Multicloud Orchestration

Multicloud Orchestration benefits your business by scaling across multiple providers, taking the burden and effort out of deploying apps to multiple cloud providers. Rising Cloud’s software lives on multiple cloud providers, creating greater efficiency and effectiveness in the progress of your projects. Developers, in particular, gain great benefit from this aspect of how our tool works, so not merely because they also receive a significant boost in performance and realize drastic cost savings. In a sky full of cloud services, seamless multicloud orchestration matters.

Stateless Performance

Rising Cloud is stateless, meaning that requests are forgotten. Because it doesn’t store information, it allows more computing power to be dedicated to processing customer requests; there’s no memory that’s getting eaten up on old information. It allows Rising Cloud to be faster and more responsive to customers.

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Our aim is to use artificial intelligence in a new way. So, we developed a single predictive and reactive solution that’s not only smarter, but faster and cheaper than any other cloud solution on the market today.

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Multus Medical

Multus Medical is the only patented 3D MRI rendering and animation solution that uses predictive analytics to scale without increased costs.


Stax.ai is the world’s first intelligent Business Administrative Operations platform, cut cloud compute costs by 80% while keeping performance comparable to bare metal.


Construx takes large construction blueprints and identifies the different elements of the blueprints to automate cost estimates for construction companies. Construx started their development on Rising Cloud and have been able to grow exponentially with customers without incurring significant growth in costs.