9 Reasons Why Rising Cloud Is Smarter

  • 01

    Next-Level Cloud Risk Mitigation

    Rising Cloud is designed differently. Without the constraints of traditional data center walls, we remove downtime risks associated with working in the cloud by leveraging a multi cloud model for our own cloud.

  • 02

    You Only Pay for Active Cloud Compute Usage

    Rising Cloud is up to 90% less expensive than traditional cloud computing vendors such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. If your business spends $5K/month on your cloud compute needs, you could see up to more than $50K in annual savings. That’s real money that can be used for building new features.

  • 03

    Developers Win Big

    The massive benefit of Rising Cloud for developers is in the command line. We give them time back by reducing the repetitive tasks common across other cloud providers to take your code from where you created it, in three simple steps, to running in the cloud for your customers.

  • 04

    AI-Driven Predictive & Reactive Scaling

    Rising Cloud provides instant application and infrastructure expansion & retraction as needed in real time. Our AI builds efficiency and cost savings by learning patterns of usage for your business, allowing you to benefit from those patterns as well as immediately address needs outside of your normal usage pattern. We provide intelligent resource re-allocation to handle unpredictable usage bursts as well. So, there’s no need for to build out infrastructure based on estimates. Just write, package, and deploy your app any way you choose on Rising Cloud and your work is done.

  • 05

    Bare-Metal Performance in the Cloud

    Rising Cloud gives you 60% or more performance out of the same applications you’re running on other clouds, back in-line with what you’d expect if your app was running on a bare-metal server. We run the same apps as you can run on other clouds, but we run those apps more efficiently.

  • 06

    White Glove Service When Switching to Our Cloud

    Rising Cloud isn’t a great solution that’s an onboarding nightmare. Many clients complete the migration in as few as 30 minutes. If we didn’t offer an exceptional onboarding process, we’d be leaving in place your greatest barrier to entry. So, we remove it.

  • 07

    There’s No Financial Risk

    With Rising Cloud, to get started, we let you run your container on our platform, on us, using your production load test criteria. This shows you how much it would have cost to run in Rising Cloud. The difference between that number (i.e, $100) and what you are spending in AWS (i.e., $1,000) is your gross savings. Rising Cloud keeps a small portion of that savings as profit back and you realize the rest as significant savings!

  • 08

    Any App. Any Size.

    Rising Cloud gives you the power of a container with the convenience of a serverless app, without limiting your computation time or resources as with other clouds. Freeing up your developers to focus on your app, while Rising Cloud manages the heavy lifting.

  • 09

    An Intuitive Dashboard+

    Rising Cloud also isn’t the only cloud provider offering an all-in-one dashboard, but we’re the only solution offering this ease-of-use features with all our benefits built into it. Additionally, Rising Cloud makes it astonishingly easy to deploy your app. Simply push your application from the command line interface or import a Docker image using Rising Cloud. We take care of the rest.

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