Mini Case Study: Growth without Limitation


Construx is a construction blueprint project estimation software which imports the blueprints and allows the estimator to easily identify the dimensions of the project and create accurate estimates including line-item cost estimates. Without Construx, companies were spending weeks creating cost estimates from blueprints.

Construx was being held back from further business growth due to the extensive time required to process projects through their AI.


Construx’s AI involved intensive processing that was taking too long to process the very large amounts of data involved in huge construction blueprints.

They needed a solution to allow them to grow while providing reasonable processing time for their customers. Construx faced the choice of either expanding their infrastructure or losing out on business opportunities while they continued to locate a better cloud computing processing time improvement solution.


Construx chose to use Rising Cloud’s increased processing ability to meet their growing need. Because Rising Cloud does not virtualize servers, improved processing performance can regularly increase up to 60% compared to virtualized server usage.


Within one day, Construx packaged their AI into a container then uploaded it to Rising Cloud to test and begin using for their production workload. Rising Cloud’s AI took care of the rest.

Construx was then able to scale their instances in real-time based on their customer demand. This eliminated the need to expand their infrastructure while still meeting the growing demand of their install base. Without Rising Cloud, Construx’s cloud compute costs would have made growth cost prohibitive.


By implementing Rising Cloud’s AI, Construx cut its customers' estimating time by 90%, allowing them to respond to bids more quickly and with fewer resources.


Rising Cloud’s predictive AI, infinite and instant scalability, multicloud orchestration, server optimization, and stateless performance makes Rising Cloud alone in the cloud industry as being capable of eliminating regional cloud downtime risk, providing cloud compute cost savings up to 90% while at the same time increasing performance up to 60%.


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