Multus Medical

Multus Medical is the only patented 3D MRI rendering and animation solution that uses predictive analytics to scale without increased costs.

Case Study > is the world’s first intelligent Business Administrative Operations platform, cut cloud compute costs by 80% while keeping performance comparable to bare metal.

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Construx takes large construction blueprints and identifies the different elements of the blueprints to automate cost estimates for construction companies. Construx started their development on Rising Cloud and have been able to grow exponentially with customers without incurring significant growth in costs.

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Aptus Engineering

Aptus Engineering is an AI incubator focused on using bleeding-edge technology to solve some of the hardest problems. While building solutions for their customers, Aptus was floating the costs of the infrastructure they were building upon, because Rising Cloud only charges for usage by the applications, Aptus was able to cut their cost by 99%, while at the same time bringing in new revenue from their customers that also move over to RisingCloud after the products are finished.


An AI company focused on protecting kids in online gaming, Gamesafe was using a competitor’s cloud, but found their costs were too high and burning through cash while training their AI models. By switching to Rising Cloud, they were able to continue to grow their business, while keeping their cost model low.


A large content delivery network (CDN) is using Rising Cloud to render feature length videos into the different formats you watch such as TV, phone or laptop. The customer replaced a large server farm which sat idle for the majority of the time with Rising Cloud and dropped their costs dramatically.