Mini Case Study: Cost Savings & Performance Breakthrough


This case study was initiated to address the industry-wide problem of ever-increasing cloud computing costs and how Multus Medical was able to significantly reduce their costs and turnaround time in serving their clients in the medical and legal fields.

The cloud computing industry standard is to charge clients 24/7, whether there is active computing or not.

The ability of Rising Cloud, an AI-driven cloud computing solution, to reduce costs and increase Multus’s speed in serving their clients is examined in this case study.


Multus was spending thousands of dollars a month on a cloud solution that was underutilized during its constant uptime, however physicians and law firms overseeing these cases needed a quick turnaround from Multus which ruled out the option of stretching workloads over time. Additionally, Multus's cloud provider’s option of a Savings Plan offered little benefit over the ever-increasing demand from their clients.

The pattern of continuing forward as a business was not sustainable as computing costs were taking an increasing percentage of revenue from the company’s profits. Reducing costs and improving performance was essential for the future of Multus.


Predictive analytics uses patterns found in historical data to create a statistical model for future behavior. One of the best examples is Credit Scoring which considers credit history and other customer data to create a likelihood of repayment for future loans.

Relying on these same patterns, Rising Cloud provides Multus with immediate visibility over their cloud compute usage and provides automatic forecasting and adjustments their cloud compute usage through the day.


Multus’s predictive AI and modeling servers were able to realize a huge benefit by automatically spinning down these high-power high-cost servers when not in use, but also automatically spin up whenever a Multus client sends in a study.

Using this providing method, Multus was able to realize as high as a 97% cloud computing cost savings in the initial months of operation compared to previous manual methods.

This significant cost savings was supported by a 60% boost in performance. The combination of providing an immediate performance boost, due to not virtualizing servers and optimizing all servers used, along with allowing Multus Medical to only pay for the compute time it actually uses has led to the significant cost savings it has experienced.


Although it will, one day, be commonplace for businesses to only pay for their active cloud computing time, that isn’t the case today. Rising Cloud’s predictive AI, infinite and instant scalability, multicloud orchestration, server optimization, and stateless performance makes Rising Cloud alone in the cloud industry as being capable of providing cloud compute cost savings up to 90%.


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