Mini Case Study: Bare Metal Cloud Performance While Lowering Cost


How can you find the data you need when you can’t “Google it”? is the world’s first intelligent Business Administrative Operations platform, saving companies hundreds of dollars per employee, by helping them find the data they need quickly.

Stax uses powerful artificial intelligence to recognize, categorize, and organize your structured and unstructured data, making it available to employees seamlessly.


Stax is built on machine learning software which requires a significant amount of compute power. To handle peak loads, yet remain flexible to run their algorithms, Stax built out a large infrastructure.

As is the case with many companies, this came with the cost of paying for compute power that wasn’t always being used. Stax tried to use common cost reducing solutions such as AWS Lamba, and AWS EC2 but this effort failed to solve their problem.


Stax found it was cheaper and more efficient to rent static servers. Their need for significantly increased compute performance was originally met by switching from Amazon’s solutions to bare metal, Stax was able to realize a 60% performance improvement and negligible cost difference.

Although this was an improvement, Stax wasn’t satisfied with the savings they received from bare metal and needed even more performance to support their rapid growth. Their compute costs were increasing exponentially as the company grew, and they needed a solution to allow them to continue to grow rapidly without increasing costs.

Stax realized renting static servers wasn’t a strong enough, truly sustainable solution. That’s when Stax learned about Rising Cloud as a more comprehensive solution.


Stax turned to Rising Cloud and converted their existing microservices over to us. This small change allowed Stax to realize an immediate cost savings of over 80% and improve performance by cutting document processing time from hours to minutes.

Stax is now exclusively relying on Rising Cloud to automatically adjust their compute workloads to scale up and down based on their platform's needs, using Rising Cloud’s predictive analytics.


Rising Cloud’s predictive AI, infinite and instant scalability, multicloud orchestration, server optimization, and stateless performance makes Rising Cloud alone in the cloud industry as being capable of eliminating regional cloud downtime risk, providing cloud compute cost savings up to 90% while at the same time increasing performance up to 60%.


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